Thursday, November 09, 2006

New Goals

Okay, I've been quite productive today and I'm excited about getting started on some new goals.

My last goal was to focus on a certain keyword - I picked said keyword because it was usually on the first page of MSN and I thought it would be an easy one to bring to number one. Well, I wrote countles PAD articles over this keyword - made that section of the site bigger, even did an interview, and guess what? Now that page isn't even in the MSN index - the other 437 [ages of the site are, but not that one.

This, amongst other things, has prompted me to started working on the quality site. Now, I do make some attempt to make all of my sites quality sites. But this one is going to be different - I have very high hopes for this one. I would like it to be in DMOZ's Cool Sites, in, and even better - I even have a picture of this maybe being a print publication someday - maybe :)

I've bought the domain name, now I'm looking for the right host - I don't want it to be on a host where I have any other sites, I want it to be solo. Also, I'm following Brett Tabke's advice (per a recent post) and plan to have a bunch of articles written before I even put it out there. I already bought the domain name - it's a .net, but that's the best I could do for what I wanted. .Net's aren't so bad, are they?

Now the tricky part - the writing. I don't know if I'm going to set a goal of xx articles per day on this one - because I'm going to do all the writing and they need to be well-written articles. So I'm just going to do what I can.

Writing for the site will be in the afternoons - and that's the only site (except for some blogging) that I'm going to be writing for. I'm just going to post the rest of my PLR's and hire writers for the others - and that will be what I do in the morning, before my daughter wakes up and I get her ready and off to school and then go to work myself.

SO - I will keep you updated - the new site is daunting - but hopefully it won't be as slow-going as I'm worried it might be - I just want everything to go right with this one.


Blogger BJ said...

The new site sounds like a great goal. I'm heading that way myself - developing quality content sites. Anyway, if you haven't decided on a host yet, you should try hostgator. I've been with them for about a year now and they are excellent. Their hosting costs are so cheap that you can actually have two different accounts with them, and I'm pretty sure that will give you a different set of ip addresses (but don't quote me on that one!)

3:44 PM

Blogger jenn said...

Hostgator is who I have for the others - I signed up through you a few months ago :) Great idea to just start a new account through them, though - if I do - I'll do it through your link :) IPower's trying to get me to go with them.. but I'm not sure yet.

4:00 PM


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