Tuesday, November 14, 2006

HOLY S#*T one of my new blogs is suddenly getting a FLOOD of traffic!

[edited title - i'll be nice :) ]

Wahhh - I didn't even have ads on it until just now - let's hope it keeps up!

I didn't even know what "tagging" was before today - but I looked into it and decided to tag a few of my new blogs in del.icio.us - or whatever - today (grumbling, I might add, I really didn't think it would do a darn thing).

So I check back about a half hour later - and I'd gotten 70 uniques (from ZERO) in that half hour - all coming from a section of Yahoo! that has a link to the new blog. TOO BAD IT ONLY HAS LIKE FOUR POSTS - LOL! So I just stuck some AdSense on there - wish me luck guys - I'm at work and have to head home now so I won't be able to check on it till later.

OMG I'm more giddy than a schoolgirl - hope it lasts!!!!!


Blogger 45n5 said...

congrats on the spike.

I've read some people bookmark posts they make at 10-20 different social bookmarking places.

Haven't tried it.

6:04 PM

Blogger jenn said...

Thanks - it was over as fast as it came, haha, but it was pretty exciting. I can't imagine doing it at 20 places - but I think I might do it at one or two places from now on.

6:49 PM

Blogger Administrator said...

I am also social bookmarking my posts to many sites like digg.com, reddit, blinklist but the problem is that it is really time consuming.

But being picked by Yahoo. Wow, it's the first site on the earth!

What about your traffic now?

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12:06 PM

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