Tuesday, October 31, 2006

The way it goes...

So I do all this promoting for my current keyword, write all these articles on it, even interview someone over it, and what happens? Does my site go up in the rankings?

No, that page disappears from the SE's! Ok, it was really only getting MSN traffic anyway... but now it's NOWHERE to be found, it's like if you work on something too hard you get dropped.

Oh well, I'm not giving up that easy, I am finding it very difficult to write over the subject and have taken a break this week - but I'll be back on it soon.

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Come as You Were? Blog Party!

Ok, I took several close-ups of myself - but they are just too bizarre! So here's the most recent pic of me, taken 2 weeks ago, it's my sis and I; I'm the one on the right.

Thanks for the invite Chrissie :)

Who I’m Inviting to the Come As You Are Blog Party:

BJ is your husband back with the camera??
Tara R U there???

How to Participate

If you’ve been pinged with this Meme (aka Bleme, or Blog Meme), join us! Let’s keep the Come As You Are Blog Party rolling through the blogosphere! Simply create a new blog post with the following outline:

1) Take an “As Is” photo of yourself and post it
2) Give us a quick little bio about you, and what’s going on in your home office today
3) List the links to 4 bloggers you want to invite to the Blog Party
4) Tell us who invited YOU, and link back to their CAYA post
5) If you use Tags, include “come as you are” and “bleme” in the tags for this post so that we can check out all the cool bloggers who join in!

(You may want to tell your readers that you are joining in on the CAYA Blog Party, and give them a link back to this post so they can see what it’s all about).

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

I have a new affiliate guide...

Okay, I don't think I ever will follow just one system, but I'm using Brett Tabke's (Webmaster World) Successful Site in 12 Months in Google Alone post for my next site. It doesn't differ much from... others' advice... the only part that I think I'll implement in my current sites, but maybe not the newest site, is this:

G) Outbound Links:
From every page, link to one or two high ranking sites under that particular keyword. Use your keyword in the link text (this is ultra important for the future).

Okay, I see value in linking to great, on-topic sites... but if you use the same keyword that you're shooting for - isn't that simply bolstering the competition??

So anyway, this is all going into the planning I'm doing for what I hope to be my greatest site yet - hopefully on par, and better, than my hobby site (which I really actually like!) On this upcoming site, I'm aiming for a DMOZ Cool Site listing, and About.com listing, and hopefully more... we shall see...

My other major project right now is working on promoting one keyword for my candle site - unity candles - in the past few weeks I have written about 5 articles for distribution, as well as a few articles over unity candles for the site. I thought I could write about one a day but I cannot think of aything more than I've already said about them! I even interviewed a minister and posted that - which was a great way to get info - but I think I may need to hire writers whenever I can afford it to think up more topics on unity candles.

So the keyword was on page 17 of MSN last week - then earlier today it was on page 1 of MSN - yet now it's nowhere to be found... so we'll just have to keep watching this.

My other goal right now is to finish posting the loads of PLR articles I've got on my PLR sites, then be done with those for a while.

Friday, October 06, 2006

The Big Shift... well not quite...

October 1st was to be the day when I shifted from creating on-site content to promoting my current content with off-site links. It was the end of the 50 site challenge, for one, and the beginning of my favorite season, for another.

With the exception of updating a few of my new PLR sites, I was planning on spending the majority of my site time writing PAD articles. Well, I got a few done, but forgot that my big shift coincided with my sister coming in from out of town. On top of that, I had some serious allergies at the beginning of this week. So, as you can guess, I haven't gotten much done on the sites, but the shift has nonetheless taken place.

Over the weekend I did manage to get a few articles written to promote my first keyword of choice. Okay, I need to back up, the way I decided to do it is to start with one site, and start with one of the product pages, and promote the heck out of that keyword until it gets into the top three of any of the big three engines. Then I will move onto the next keyword on that site, until, hopefully, all of the main pages of that particular site are rockin out. And then I will move on to promote the next site.

So that's the plan, I figure my sites are big enough to let them be for a while and just promote them.

As for the 50 site challenge, I didn't make it to 50 - but right now I have about 37 sites... and that'll do fine for now, and I'm happy that I've got these new ones, and they've already made the price of their hosting so that's cool too.

And it looks like my blog is locked, so this message will go up as soon as it is approved by the great blogger aka google - yeah, I love google more and more everyday...