Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Wrapping Up Challenge Sites and Gearing for Major Focus

In the last month, I've created several sites based on PLR articles - some rewritten and some not - and it looks like they are currently getting just as much, actually even more, then my new sites with all original articles. So I'm going to be putting up the rest of these types of sites that I want until the end of the month.

At that time, I want these to have a good amount of articles, and some other extras, so that I can update them here and there, but mainly promote them!

And that's where my next phase comes in. Starting in October, I am going to spend one month promoting two sites, starting with the first affiliate site I ever did - candles, and going from there. It probably won't be in chronological order from that point on.

I'm going to promote them mainly by PAD, and I'll be trying to think up some unique things to do as well. I should probably print out Allan Gardyne's new and free ebook, "77 ways to get traffic" (or something like that) because he always has some good ideas.

When I first started the 50 site challenge, you may recall that I put sites over rugs, lamps, and other incredibly boring things out there - why? because my research showed they might do well. But REALLY - who in the world wants to read an article about rugs?? And I sure don't want to write about them - so I'm not going to do several of those after all, but am going to stick with things that I would want to read and write about, like gardening and pets and such.

I will let you know how many sites I managed to get up in a few days!