Monday, August 07, 2006

"...Where have your walls gone? I Think about it now..."

I had a look back today, to compare my stats with what I did last August. It really made me think about things.

-Last August I made over $900.
-I'll be lucky if I make $300 this August at the rate I'm going.

-Last August most of that came from TWO sites, which made over $300 each.
-This month my income is coming from... 50 sites.

-Last August I wasn't a link whore.
-Apparently, since I've placed a reciprocal link directory on each of those two sites, I am now a link whore.

-Last August I was writing 100% original content for each site, and around 3 articles a day.
-This August it's hard to crank out one, so I have recently taken to rewriting PLR's (will I pay for that later?). (Note -I do still think that rewriting them is a great way for me to create leverage at this time.)

-Last August I was quite optimistic about affiliate marketing.
-This August I'm... not always so optimistic.

This realization has really made me wonder if I'm the cause of my drop in earnings. Maybe I need to get back to the basics, maybe updating a few sites on a regular basis is necessary, at least in this stage of my sites. Or maybe sites simply do well at first, then drop. Whatever the case, I really need to stop and formulate a plan and implement some more focus.


Blogger Affiliates R Us said...

I think the key thing here is what you are doing with this post. Stat analysis. Find out what works or worked. Duplicate those things and cut out the things that arent working or didnt work. Sems like writing origianl articles at 3 a day was working. Keep that up !!
Are you just testing re-writing the plr articles? or have you done that before?. Did that work?
ork that sites that are making you money hardest and duplcate the succesful actions on the other sites that arent doing so well.
Just my .02$

7:13 PM

Blogger jenn said...

Good advice, I believe in looking for what works and duplicating that, too... as soon as I get these 50 up, I am going to go back to writing like I used to.


7:51 AM


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