Tuesday, August 08, 2006

This is the REAL plan

Okay, I know I've come up with several gameplans over the past few weeks... but it really defeats the purpose when I don't stick to it - haha.

So really, here's THE gameplan - Back to the Basics

I'm going to go back to the days when I wrote like crazy with wide-eyed-enthusiasm... things just worked better then.

And I'm going to go back to two of my first sites, the two that used to do so well, and work on those.

My plan is to write 2 articles/day from scratch - one for each of those, and to rewrite 8 articles/day for my other sites. (On weekdays).

I'm going to stick with this for a month (unless just the most amazing thing in affiliate marketing presents itself) and see if there's any improvement.

Then I'm just going to hire writers to do my PAD articles - heck, I can't afford them for much now anyway!

So... new plan... starting tomorrow - today I'm just taking it easy and getting prepared.


Blogger Fab said...

Hi Jenn,

Had a great time reading your blog. We both follow the same road I guess. Good luck with your new plan. It will work!

6:39 PM

Blogger TraderTim said...

Hey Jenn,

Have you looked at Colin McDougall's VEO Report? He's somewhat of a disgruntled Martell follower who got stung with the Google updates but has come back with a vengeance, and written about how he did it.

11:35 PM

Blogger jenn said...

Hey Fab - I look forward to checking back in on your progress, too, and your sites look really nice!

Tim - Yes, I read it, it had good points, but honestly, I didn't see anything new in there, he mainly says to make quality sites for visitors - which I think everyone knows by now.

And I am trying other things out too - not just doing straight Martell sites... I think I just might be spread too thin to make much at this point, just creating the framework.

7:40 AM


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