Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Another PLR site... Shoes

I know this is a tough industry, but I decided to do a shoe site, and am just putting the PLR's from my subscription on there right now - Shoe Guide - I'm sticking with the same template I did for the last one. I figure the Adsense is still in the hot zone so I'm going to see how that works out.

I realize I need to get rolling to get 50 done by September, but I'm actually getting excited about putting these up. At this point I'm not even rewriting the PLR articles, so hopefully that won't end up hurting me in the end... but one great thing about having so many different sites is that you can try out different things.

Test, test, test, right?


Blogger Affiliates R Us said...

HA! I was wondering when ytou might do a girly type shopping site. its said to put up sites about something you know !!! :-) Cant see why you'd need plr. Hahahaha good luck on the all the others !! Im having a tough time just managing one. Though its turning out to be a multi-page monster.

4:03 AM

Blogger jenn said...

Haha, actually, I hate shoe shopping and usually buy mine online :)

Good luck with the one - I totally need to focus on one at a time after I get the new ones up.

9:07 AM

Blogger Charles said...

Hi Jenn,

One thing I like about your sites is your use of images. I wish I could spend more time in making my sites look great.

I've created some sites like yours - just using pure-unrevised PLRs---but in a different way...

I've been using online translators for my AdSense sites, and dumping the translated PLR content into my site generator.

They've been indexed in Google without any problem. I've gotten a few clicks...but hope to get more:)

So just testing and tracking...


1:36 PM

Blogger jenn said...

Hey Charles, thanks! I find I enjoy working on them a lot more if they've got some images and just look good to me... hopefully that will make the visitor want to stay too.

I am loving using PLR's right now! Mine have been indexed in Google too with no problems :) It's starting to look to me like dup. content isn't too bad... and trading links is.

4:06 PM


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