Monday, July 03, 2006

Three-way Focus

Okay, I've really got a lot going on here, what with the two challenges, my content sites, and the new digital products.

It is definitely time to focus in on things.

So, I've decided to break up my day's work into three areas:

1. Promote one product
I've got one ebook that seems to perform better than the others I've tried (although I haven't done any extensive testing, it just got A sale and more newsletter signups than the others. So this part will be easy: advertising with Adsense ($30.00/month for now), and sending out a newsletter about once a week (I already have my autoresponder set up to send nine out after signing up - no, not all at once).

2. Focus on one content site until it gets into the top three positions in at least one of the major SE's
So, I'm going to write articles for it, and hire my Elance authors to create PAD articles until this happens. Maybe submit it to some more directories. This area is going to require the most work.

3. Work on the challenges
This means getting each of those 50 sites up - for the moment I'm not even going to worry about getting the articles written for those - I'm just going to get the main pages up, link to them from here to get them indexed, and then after I get some articles going, link to them from PAD articles. I'm not going to do any link exchanges on these new ones.

Here's the latest, a bit of an awkward one: Nautical Museum. It's going to have facts about nautical history, historical ships, information on nautical stars and symbols, and, of course, pages for nautical products. I've always loved the ocean and just thought this would be a fun one to do.

I think focusing on certain things will really help me get things rolling again, I've been a bit lost in everything lately.


Blogger The Empress said...

I totally can relate to needing to have some direction. I'm just all over the place... still! Although I'm finding some things do perform better than others - and I'm "trying" to learn from that and let things go a bit that aren't and come back later. Focus on a project at a time - which is sometimes soooo freakin' hard to do.

But your ideas sound great, I hope they work for you and this Nautical site takes off! :)

9:02 AM

Blogger Mark said...

Shop ahoy or should that be ship,anyway best of luck.

1:36 PM

Blogger jenn said...

It is hard for me to keep focus too, I usually have to write down a little schedule for myself, because I can easily forget about what it is I was going to focus on otherwise!

7:27 AM


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