Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Anatomy of a Site

I've been a little hush-hush about the site I've been focusing on, but after watching it go down in the rankings, down in PR, and now to have half the pages drop off the Google index and the other half go into "supplemental" hell - I'm not too worried about it being copied!

It's kind of crazy that the site I'm working on the most seems to have been 'punished' the most by Google recently. So I thought I'd share everything I'm doing with it, see if I can pull it back up in the rankings, and if anyone sees any red flags or has any suggestions - I'd LOVE to hear them.

Despite all of the problems I've had with this site, I'm going to keep focusing on it, because if I can pull this one up from the depths of the SE's, I can pull any site up.

Site: A1 Wood Flooring

I'm trying to get some writing done before work in the mornings, and my only ruls for articles right now is to make them at least 300 words long. (I'd like to go for longer ones later).

Here are the ones I've added so far this week:
Exotic Hardwood: A Rare and Beautiful Addition for Home Decor
Red Oak Flooring: Lovely and Lasting
Hardwood Stairs
Resilient Flooring

And then I also wrote to articles for distribution this week, I am focusing on "hardwood flooring" on my distibution articles right now.

Current standing on MSN:
Page 13 for the KW "wood flooring"

Nowhere to be found on the others.


Blogger Affiliates R Us said...

Hey Jenn, The site looks great !!. I personally will never understand the se's either. One week one of my sites is on page (at the bottom drowning below the fold) then the next week its know where to be found only for it to come back up for air a few weeks later. I might suggest you sign up for brad callens newsltter he'll send you like 20 articles over the weeks on how to getranked, do proper good quality seo and a bunch of other goodies. Just on pointer might wanna consider putting your h1 as close to the top of the page as possible maybe here TD class="tagline">A1 Wood Flooring - Your Guide to Finding, Caring for, and Maintaining Beautiful Wood Flooring TD or use your header graphic as a back ground and put your h1 over it? i donno just a though. Have you thought of jv'ing any of your sites or products, newsletter-email capture?

3:50 AM

Blogger jenn said...

Hey, thanks for the tips! I know, MSN bounces my pages around all the time - after I first started this site, it had a number three MSN position - now it's on page 13 - so who knows??

Great ideas, I might have to come up with a way to put the H1 closer to the top - I thought it was close enough but maybe not? I'll sign up for the newsletter, too.

Sorry, what do you mean by JVing?

4:44 AM

Blogger Jean-Rene said...

jving = joint venturing ( I think ).

Why not work on cutting the search engines out of the equation?

Get more control from where you get your traffic.

5:23 AM

Blogger jenn said...

I am working on cutting the SE's out on some other sites with newsletters and products - but I just can't see how to do that on this site - I can't imagine anyone wanting a wood flooring newsletter or ebook :) And I can't afford to experiment with Adsense much.

5:37 AM

Blogger Jean-Rene said...

why not work with a jv/linking campaign with related sites?

Or you could buy advertising on related niche sites?

4:22 AM

Blogger jenn said...

I was doing link exchanges, but now that that's frowned upon I've stopped - and three way link exchanges are too much for me to keep up with. But you're right, I should look for other ways to get links back from similar sites, besides article distribution and directory submissions.

6:15 AM


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