Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Odd Earnings

My adsense earnings continue to plummet, however, I've had a couple of pretty interesting days this week.

Sunday morning I found that I had sold one of my new digital products and made about $22.50 off of that - the strange thing was that I haven't even started promoting it - it's not linked to from the site I put it on, I wasn't running any ads, I had just placed it in the ClickBank Marketplace and voila! - someone found it! So that was pretty exciting and motivating for me to continue on with selling my own products.

Then yesterday was my biggest earning day yet - I made $76.60 off of one jewelry sale at CJ!

So maybe my total earnings for June won't be so terrible... They just confirm my suspicions that taking some new directions is probably a good idea.


Blogger Derek said...

Hey, I have been reading your blog for a few weeks and I'm very interested in what you are doing. I get pretty poor adsense results with some of my sites. Did you create your own product to sell on click bank? or are you selling another persons product? and how long did it take you to create your own product? thanks alot, Derek.

12:30 PM

Blogger jenn said...

Well, up until about a week or two ago, I have been doing content sites only - and that's where all of my earnings have been coming from.

But I just recently started working on selling digital products, but I am just learning about the ins and outs of that and have only made one sale.

I would like to sell my own product someday when I have more time to create one... but I am currently selling ebooks that I bought with resell rights.

2:48 PM

Blogger Derek said...

And you just stuck the product on click bank? or did you create a sales letter for it? congrats on the quick sale!

2:57 PM

Blogger jenn said...

Haha, I created a sales page first :) Then after I made the sale I set up a free course with a newsletter sign-up. Thanks! I hope it's an indication of things to come!

3:03 PM

Blogger Derek said...

Have you thought about taking current niche sites and converting those visitors to product customers with a Free Report? I have some regulars and an easy way to get lots of targeted traffic to my site but they are pretty tech savy and NEVER click adsense I get like 1% ctr on it but I also get users emailing me for help and such. I think Ill have to make an info product for it.

3:26 PM

Blogger jenn said...

I actually placed the 2 products on niche sites that I currently have - but I have not set up a newsletter on my content pages - I am thinking about how to go about that.

That's a good, idea, though - and that sucks that your visitors and the adsense ads. No one clicks on the ads on my music site, either, and it gets the most traffic of all my sites by far :(

3:30 PM

Blogger Derek said...

Im in the process now of converting my oldest content site which gets the bad conversion into a way to get emails and market products based on the niche. Keep us updated on your affiliate progress! And have you thought about selling on ebay?

2:47 PM

Blogger jenn said...

I'm actually looking into selling ebooks on Ebay right now... something automated.. are you doing that?

7:14 PM

Blogger Derek said...

I havent done that yet. Im really a developer and started doing seo stuff and content sites a while ago and Ive been studying marketing lately.

Currently Im almost done with a redesign of a site I have had up for a few years that has alot of targeted visitors and the goal is to get a bunch of people signed up for a newsletter than create a bunch of small info products for them. I was thinking of selling them on ebay as well and possibly click bank or something.

I also have a "web 2.0" service www.mystickies.com which has no income at all and about 20k people signed up :(.

my content sites make pennies which makes it hard to get excited about them and write for them so im kinda looking at what you and the guy from bootstrap notes are doing with interest..

anyway thanks for the blog, Derek.

3:14 PM


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