Thursday, June 01, 2006

The Increasing Need for Quality

Quality, quality, quality - it's all you hear these days, from people selling ebooks about it to Google's increasing 'quality' algorithms.

So we all know to put some useful information on our pages, we all know to try to add something extra... beyond that, what can an internet publisher do? I mean, if can be the mammoth site they are with fairly small articles and pages with links, then why should I worry?

Exactly, so I'm not going to worry so much, I've got informative articles, I've got extras on a lot of my sites, and other than cutting down on link exchanges, there's not a whole lot else I can do to appease the Google gods.

Of course, I will always try to better my sites, but the last few months have been so nervewracking, earnings-wise, that I just decided enough with worrying so much. Instead, I'm just gonna work as much as I can.

Which brings me to my 50 site challenge update:

I started one on Celtic Culture, and hired someone for the articles, so far: Celtic art, Celtic music, and Celtic jewelry.

I decided against doing subdomains on my big sites, so I may do 50 actual sites after all - that's one site every three days - wow, I have some catching up to do!


Blogger Jean-Rene said...

Don't think too much about appeasing google. Too many people are afraid of it. There are alot of other ways to get traffic without it that are much more reliable and wich you don't have to worry about all the time.

4:13 AM

Blogger jenn said...

I know you're right, but they're just so big that it's hard not to - but you're right, I am going to do some more list-building and other things like that.

2:55 PM

Blogger Charles said...

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10:41 AM

Blogger Charles said...

Hi again Jenn,

After reading JM's book, getting tons of quality content for my sites was the only thing I had in mind.

I've read a lot of marketing eBooks and the one that lit up a light bulb was Jeremy Palmer's High Performance guide.

I've read Perry Marshall's book and it was pretty technical. I'm a highly technical person and for me to say that is crazy. After reading Perry's book, I understood how Adwords worked, but still didn't know the best way to apply the knowledge to my content sites (without burning up a lot of cash - which I have already done).

Jeremy talks about how to apply it and he gives a lot of examples in his book and his private forum. I've found all of his examples of landing pages to be very helpful.

>>>The reason why I'm mentioning all of this is because you don't have to make massive content sites to make good money.

I still consider myself a PPC newbie, but this book (along with the great forum) was a MAJOR PARADIGM SHIFT.

You can find a more in depth review here:

10:51 AM

Blogger jenn said...

Thanks a bunch Charles - I'm really looking forward to reading some new, fresh stuff!

Yeah, I've been so focused on simply creating content for a long time, and now that it's not working like I expected, I really want to do some other things, too. I still love making content sites and will continue to do so - but I would also love to quit my job :)

I started my first PPC campaign last month - made a few dollars - but I'm really a total newbie at PPC and am pretty scared to commit to more than $30 a month.

Thanks for the link, I am very interested.

1:29 PM


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