Wednesday, May 03, 2006

The Latest Challenge

Okay, BJ and Chrissie have come up with an amazing challenge: to create 50 sites before the shopping season! WOW! This was perfect timing for me, since I was losing focus and haven't made a new site in a while - so I decided to join in.

Recently, my main goal has been to focus on one keyword and promote it to the hilt - but there's only so much of one keyword I can handle, so this will be something else to do to balance that out. Plus it's just really FUN! I can try out every site idea I've ever had!

It's been loads of fun so far, but I'm still not sure if I'm going to go for 50 - I'm wavering between doing 20 and 50 right now. This week I'm putting a site up as quickly as I can with a FT job (this means getting up at 4 AM) as well as promoting my keyword, just to get an indication of how much time I will have.

My current plan is to write all of the product pages, and then post a few articles - which may be press releases - but I may be hiring a writer for this mammoth project soon.

Here's my first site in the challenge: Tea First, today I did articles on black tea and essiac tea. (And yes, I'm going to throw a little caution to the wind on these and put some links on here.)


Blogger Mark said...

Can't beat a nice cup of tea,I drink plain tea also, peppermint and dandelion.

3:58 AM

Blogger The Empress said...

beautiful site! I'm really interested on how the 50 site challenge works out for all of you... I was thinking of joining in - but I too have a full time job... and it's more a time issue for me. But I really look forward to seeing how your sites progress. :)

8:27 AM

Blogger jenn said...

Thanks! Yeah, I'm starting to realize just how much time this is going to take... I think I better hire an author!

12:16 PM


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