Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Keyword Update

Here's the latest update on my other goal of promoting one keyword until it gets to the top three of one of the big three:

I have done some link partner exchanges, article dist., and just submitted to more directories this week.

Two weeks ago:
MSN: 22
Yahoo!: 159
Google: ???

MSN: 17
Yahoo!: 171
Google: ???

I guess I never posted my April earnings... they're not too exciting :( It was a little over $500.


Blogger Mark said...

It's something bad times always pass :)

11:02 AM

Blogger BJ said...

Yet another goal to add to my list - I like the sound of a keyword goal. Now you've got me thinking ... do I have time ...? LOL Good luck with all of it!

7:01 PM

Blogger Affiliates R Us said...

about the ??? from google, am I assuming you have no google links yet. I was furious with google for not indexing my site for the longest time, then it dawned on me that i needed a high pr link to get that listing so what i did was buy a pr6 link for like 150 bux for one month (sounds crazy i know) but my site was indexed about 4 days later. just something to think about

2:07 PM

Blogger jenn said...

Thanks BJ, I know, so many things to do :)

ARU - Oh, it's all indexed, has been for over a year, but the page is not in the top 50 - probably not the top 1,000 - sounds like the sandbox to me ;)

The only affiliate site of mine that is getting decent Google traffic is the one that's in DMOZ - uncoincidentally I'm sure.

2:12 PM


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