Monday, May 08, 2006

Free, Clean Website Templates

With the 50 site challenge, there's no way I can buy templates on top of everything else, so on the new sites I'm currently working on, I simply did a 3-column setup with a header I came up with using SXC or STOCKXPERT photos and Paint Shop Pro.

But I recently found a site with some nice, free templates that I'm going to start using for the new sites, coupled with my own headers: Andreas Viklund free templates. He does require a link back - but it's more than worth it IMO.

His sites are in oswd, which has loads of free templates, but after browsing there a bit, I still like the Andreas templates best.

Challenge Update:

Last week I finished the articles for the main pages of the tea site: green tea, herbal tea, Oolong tea, organic tea, white tea, teapots, and tea cups. Then I posted some press releases and reprint articles to fill things up for now.

I also did four articles for the newest one I'm putting up... whew! This much writing is tough on my schedule! I think I'm going to post an Elance project soon!


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