Monday, April 03, 2006

March Earnings, the BUZZ, and off-site optimizing


Still lower than normal, one thing is that my visitor numbers haven't dropped, I guess there are just fewer people shopping this time of year...

Finally dropped the BUZZ!

Yep, it's been pretty useless lately, James spends more time advertising his products and chatting about that blasted Cobra than he does giving useful information lately. If things improve, let me know!

So I dropped that and got a subscription to the Webmaster World Support forums - I've learned so much in their free forums about not over-optimizing sites, useful directories, and so much more that I thought it might be a good idea. Now I have a lot of reading to do!

Off-site optimizing

I'm shifting to doing a lot of off-site optimizing rather than frantically adding articles. What first gave me the idea to do this was when I was doing some searches on some of my keywords and found that many of the top sites in G were just directories! Very little content, nothing terribly useful. Then I realized that I really haven't done a whole lot on the way of links, mainly because I really don't like gathering links... but it needs to be done.

So I've been spending some time getting link partners (which I don't mind too much), spreading PAD articles around (I can handle submitting to two or three directories but need to work on submitting to more), and submitting to directories - which I hate!! I mean, I submit a site to two directories and I just feel beat, that's torture!

But, that's my focus for April, that and de-Martelling my sites (meaning I'm under-optimizing them, mainly making sure the anchor text, title text, and H1 tags don't all match). Oh, and adding forums to a few of the sites.


Blogger Mark said...

Im back started again

11:54 PM

Blogger Affiliates R Us said...

I think perhaps you may try buying incoming links. It isnt mentioned in alot of the marketing ebboks I have read, but I mentioned my foray into internet marketing to a contractor I do work for, he has a media company he runs with his brother he suggested buying links, preferably authorty links in the same industry or from sites with authority links coming to them. Just a thought. Ive read on problogger or somewhere else that article submissions dont particularly pay off in terms of increased taffic.

2:54 PM


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