Friday, March 24, 2006

Up to This Point

So... in the past year I've been logging my experience starting an internet publishing business... those posts were all deleted (or something!) and so I'll try to briefly describe what they entailed...

I've been doing sites since 2002 but just started getting interested in doing site publishing full time a little over a year ago.

I hadn't even heard the term "affiliate marketing" when I bought James Martell's Affiliate Marketing Handbook, but saw it was working wonderfully for him and soon after starting making sites according to that.

Now I've got 18 sites, most of them new, 15 of them were done according to the manual. These sites currently bring in anywhere from $500 to $1000 a month, but I'm now seeing a need to increase the quality and uniqueness of the sites. Martell's book offered some invaluable lessons to me as a beginner affiliate marketer, but his methods don't work like they used to, so I'm moving forward with my sites.

And that is where I left off in my last blog...

I had the most wonderful revelation yesterday... I was chatting with someone about how one of their sites avoided the sandbox, they let me have a look at it and it was a tourist-travel-type site (I couldn't help but remember how Matt Cutts said some industries won't be affected by the sandbox), it was full of gorgeous pictures, and except for a menu on the front page, there was no other text - just those glorious photos. It was moderately optimized - nothing overdone - and had some interesting bits of info, but all the pages were not stuffed with hokey articles.

Then, I realized there there were certain types of locations that my family loves to visit, and realized that doing a site over those could be a fun and exciting project, and a great excuse for us to take more trips! So I think I'm going to do that next... and just forget about what EVERYONE has said in their newsletter wars... and also just have fun doing it.

Well I'm back now, and I must say I've enjoyed the subject matter, and I'm ready to get started... but I might put that on hold because when I got back I found that one of my newer sites has been listed in DMOZ!

And the home page is now getting Google traffic!

It doesn't have much content, though, as a matter of fact - only 3 articles!! So I need to work on that site for a while, add some good content and all.

By the way, it got into DMOZ with affiliate links and Adsense on the homepage, but the home and PP's are filled with informative information. It also has lots of images.

Thanks for all the comments, everyone, hope this blog is here to stay!


Blogger greenaffiliate said...

I just read that your old blog was deleted ...what a bummer. Personally, I found it very inspirational!! I'm sorry to hear it is gone.

But, congrats on that DMOZ listing ..woohoo!!

11:47 AM

Blogger jenn said...

Thank you!! I'll be posting as regularly as ever, I'm sure, and hopefully there will be a few more inspiring moments ahead :) (though my March earnings won't be one of them.)

5:31 PM

Blogger Affiliates R Us said...

YA Ive had the same problem lately, blogger seems to have reset my template deleting all my links, but left the content there, Frikken idiot thing

5:41 PM


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