Thursday, March 23, 2006

Um... wow.

Looks like my blog was deleted by blogger, and they just deleted this one and not the other two I have.

Yeah... I doubt I'll be in the mood for posting for a while :(


Blogger Em said...

What do you mean 'deleted'? Can that just happen??? Oh no I don't have backups ...

12:17 PM

Blogger Charles said...

Hey Jenn,

You've scared me;(

I guess I'm going to host my own.

You should contact blogger to see what happened.

In another situation, I know somebody who had there's deleted by hackers.

Blogger ended up restoring the site from backup.

2:53 PM

Blogger Pat said...

Hi Jenn,

I enjoyed reading your blog, so I thought maybe I can help. Some of your old pages are cached at msn. Look at

I got this by searching at for "" (without the quotes).

Look at where it says "cached page". Maybe you can copy the posts you really wanted back to your blog.

2:58 PM

Blogger Tara said...

Hey Jenn,

That's AWFUL. Hopefully what Charles said can be done for you. Let me know if I can do anything to help.

Tara :(

6:57 PM

Blogger The Empress said...

Daaaaaammmmmn. That's terrible news Jen, has Blogger got back to you as to what happened to your blog?

I hope that you can get back a few posts a-la-Charles and Pat.


8:36 AM

Blogger Sarah said...

That's the worst!!! Hope NJ was good.



9:54 AM

Blogger jenn said...

Thanks guys, I went through all of their help section and found the blogger help group where you can ask questions, but cannot figure out how to contact them directly - maybe I'm missing something??

I may repost some of the older ones from the cache, thanks.

11:25 AM

Blogger jenn said...

And it was a great trip Sarah! I'll write you in a bit!

11:57 AM

Blogger Learning Geek said...

This was the reason I stopped using blogger! Since you have to start fresh anyhow you should start with a wordpress blog, has hosting for only $9.99 for the year - I have been very pleased with their service.

Just a suggestion, this is what I ended up doing on one of my blogs. Good Luck!


7:03 PM

Blogger jenn said...

That is a good idea, thanks :) Still deciding on whether I want this to be on a free blog or not...

2:41 PM


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